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Read "The Blonde on the Prairie-Life is What Happens When You Dare To Leave Your Barn Door Open" available on Amazon!  Enjoy her *Award Winning* weekly columns in the Valley City Times Record and Devil's Lake Journal newspapers every Friday! 


 Get trained in the practice of Joyology from a practitioner of joy!  These are perfect lessons for Activity Directors, Life Enrichment Directors, Managers, Corporate Trainers and Educators!  If you want to gift your group with the power of Joyology - contact The Blonde on the Prairie! 

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   She's an enthusiastic speaker sharing the sought after practice of Joyology.  Audiences crave hearing how to change their J. O. B. 's in to J. O. Y.' s!    The Blonde on the Prairie was recently awarded $100,000 from the Kind Foundation for her actions towards being kind to people who wouldn't ask for help though they needed it.   Out of 5,000 nominations nationally she was one of 7 blessed with an award.   The Blonde on the Prairie had a nationally syndicated radio show segment where she got to share her antics about learning to live on the North Dakota Prairie. Jodi Rae Ingstad is an award winning weekly columnist for the Valley City Times Record newspaper in ND and has been since 2002.  She also writes a weekly column for the Devil's Lake Journal newspaper.  She's a blogger with the Huffington Post.  In 2009 she authored her book "The Blonde on the Prairie - Life Is What Happens When You Dare To Leave Your Barn Door Open!"  Jodi Rae Ingstad travels to speak at Corporate, Christian and Public events.  She MC's community events with her joy-filled, enthusiastic wit, wonder and whimsy! Email jodijoys@gmail.com for available dates and rates! 

$100,000 Winner #KINDpeople!

Known as a “joyologist,” Jodi Rae’s commitment to kindness extends past her day job at an elderly home. Whether materially or emotionally, Jodi Rae selflessly serves North Dakota’s most vulnerable – including the homeless, elderly, and families in need. Those whose lives she has touched describe her heart as one of action.

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       The Blonde on the Prairie loves to learn as much as she teaches. Do you have a story of joy or kindness you've shared that you know none of your friends have experienced? Have you ever forced adversity to flee due to flipping your pancake to the syrupy side where sweet joy resides? She'd love to be wowed by your stories of glory! 

 Email: jodijoys@gmail.com 


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